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What is Blue Track Media?

Blue Track Media is a performance-base advertising network that specializes in mobile customer acquisition. We bridge the gap between developers who are looking to effectively monetize their mobile in-app or web traffic and advertisers who are actively looking to drive more traffic to their mobile apps, websites or generate brand recognition. We have all types of mobile traffic available, from phone to tablet, as well as iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android and Windows!

Pretend I’m Grandma, Now Explain Again

Blue Track Media delivers more customers (in the form of installs, views, clicks, leads and sales) to advertisers through the network of our trusted developers. Advertisers only pay when we deliver them an actual customer – hence performance-based. We focus on bringing our advertisers high quality non-incentive mobile customers over high quantity low quality customers. “Quality over quantity” has been our motto since 2008!



Looking for Global Reach?

We serve ads in over 220 countries worldwide! Advertisers can select specific countries to serve their ads in and developers can find almost every country to monetize their traffic through.


Looking for Experience?

We have a combined 25+ years of experience in the industry. Work with a highly reputable and ethically sound company for all your performance marketing needs.


Looking for Numbers?

We deliver over 350,000 leads and sales to our advertisers per month, as well as millions and millions of clicks. Providing our advertisers with new customers and increased revenues is what we do, and we do it very well.


Our Bread and Butter

Why Developers and Publishers Love Blue Track Media

Blue Track Media prides itself in providing our publishers and developers the best customer service available in the industry today. We understand that reputation is everything, and we take pride in our spotless reputation in the industry. Companies like ours open and close every day, but our doors have been wide open since 2009. We don’t believe in taking uncalculated risks that might eventually end up putting our company and our publishers and developers at harm’s way, which is why they feel confident coming to Blue Track Media for all their mobile traffic monetizing needs.

Community involvement is also a building-block of the Blue Track Media value system. This essential element bolsters our belief that corporations can act ethically while still practicing good business. Blue Track Media is not backed by investors who seek to increase revenues at the expense of responsible corporate governance. We are a debt-free company that strictly upholds our terms and conditions, adheres to all relevant laws, and strives to provide a safe and profitable environment for all of our developers and publishers.

Blue Track Media serves two types of clients: Developers and Publishers


Developers are able to monetize their mobile traffic with our light-weight SDK in multiple ways including:

Native Advertising

Native Ads enhance the user experience without seeming intrusive as they blend into the look and feel of your content. The types of native ads we offer are:

  1. List
  2. Feed
  3. In-Game Pause


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


Coming soon…

App Wall

Coming soon…

Mobile Publishers/Networks

Looking for direct deals, high CTRs, high conversions, world renowned customer support, quick payments and much more? You’ve come to the right place, our team is devoted to working closely with other ad-networks and mobile publishers to increase their revenues. Reach out today!


Here are the features available to all developers and publishers:

  1. Proprietary Platform
  2. Industry Leading Customer Service
  3. 1000+ Exclusive US & INTL Mobile Campaigns
  4. Consumer Safe Advertisers
  5. Highest EPCs, Conversion Rates, Payouts
  6. Performance and Feedback Rewards
  7. Easy API Configuration
  8. Fastest Payments


Please remember that we take fraud seriously, which means every developer and publisher will be screened intensely before being accepted in to our network. We only work with developers and publishers who can provide the best quality traffic to our advertisers. We have worked to gain a reputation in the industry for satisfying publishers. We understand that our success is tied to your success. Accordingly, we do everything in our power to make sure you reach your highest potential.

Below are just a few advantages publishers of Blue Track Media enjoy:


Payments On-Time, Every Time

With millions of dollars paid out to our publishers you’ll never have to worry about your payment being late. We pride ourselves in delivering our publisher payments on-time, every time.


Custom Proprietary Tracking Platform

Each publisher has their own unique criteria that may need its own special technical attention to reach the highest potential. That’s why Blue Track Media has invested heavily in developing a proprietary tracking platform to meet all of our individual publishers’ different needs. Innovation, superior technology and customized solutions are all advantages our publishers have when they join our network.


Industry leading personalized support

Customer support is of the highest importance to Blue Track Media. We understand that our success is tied closely to your success. Publishers are more than streams of revenue to us. We try to personally connect with all of our publishers to develop the trust needed for a successful business relationship.


Direct Mobile Advertisers

Robust selection of direct mobile campaigns in almost every vertical, country, payout and conversion point.


Competitive Campaign Rates

We strive hard to maintain competitive campaign rates against our competition. If our publishers see higher rates elsewhere, we do all we can not only to match those rates, but often beat them.



Our Backbone

Why Advertisers Trust Blue Track Media

Performance based marketing minimizes the risk on the advertiser side and allows them to effectively monetize with proven data. Gone are the days when you throw money at a random web property for impressions and clicks that don’t convert into sales or leads. As our advertiser, you only pay us when we send you a new and verified install or download.

Popular forms of mobile performance based Cost Per Action (CPA) methods include:


Cost Per Download/Install (CPD/CPI)

Software or mobile application (mobile apps) advertisers pay per customer that downloads the product on their computer or installs the app on their phone. A few examples of companies using the CPD/CPI method are: online gaming companies, mobile application companies, computer software companies and more.


Cost Per Click (CPC)

Every time you click on an advertisement you see on Google, Yahoo or a popular website, chances are that the advertiser just paid that company for your click. Cost per click means that the advertiser is paying per customer that clicks on their advertisements. Examples of companies using the CPC method range anywhere from insurance companies, to apparel stores, to software companies.


Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Advertisers pay on a per lead basis when we send them their desired information on new customers. Leads consist of a customer’s name, phone number, email, address and virtually any other information our advertiser are looking for. A few examples of companies using the CPL method are: insurance companies, coupon/daily deal companies, credit card companies, survey companies and more.

Quality, quality, quality!

Blue Track Media’s fundamental philosophy with advertisers is simple: Quality over Quantity, all day! Quality leads and sales for our advertisers is our main concern at Blue Track Media. With our proprietary platform, we have the ability to strictly control and implement fraud protective measures in order to provide the highest quality possible to our advertisers. We also strive to work with only the best developers and publishers who have a proven track record of providing great results. You can expect top-notch support and guidance working with Blue Track Media. Advertisers are the backbone of the whole internet advertising industry, which means without them Blue Track Media could not exist. Once advertisers are set up with Blue Track Media, our trusted publishers work on driving traffic to their products through their mobile apps or websites.

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You're in Good Hands

Why Let Blue Track Media Represent You

We know that Affiliate Marketing can be a new and intimidating venture for advertisers who don’t fully understand this space. That’s why Blue Track Media is happy to be the agency-on-record (AOR) for your products, which means that we will exclusively represent your company for all things relating to Affiliate Marketing. We’ll take care of all the “nitty gritty” things while you enjoy an increase in sales and leads.

Advantages of Blue Track Media representing your company include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Personalized Support
  2. Guidance With Branding Geared Towards Affiliate Marketing
  3. Brand Protection
  4. Recruitment of Publishers
  5. Robust Tracking/Reporting Platform
  6. Traffic Monitoring and Management
  7. And More!

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